Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I have been a busy little bee this week but have still managed to knock a couple of things off the list (if you are not familiar with the current hit list, please see the post entitled Memory Lane to get up to speed). Last night I finally used up my box of Wild Rice that’s been in the cupboard pleading to be used. This posed two problems for me. Problem number one- The Boy doesn’t like Wild Rice. Problem number two- nor does he like garlic. I had just used copious amounts of said ingredient on the herb crust I made for a rack of lamb. (Before you ask- it was only ok so no recipe). Essentially I needed to create a dish to distract the boy from the fact he was about to be fed two things he hates.

I cooked up the rice according to the instructions- 250g of wild rice and 900ml of boiling water brought to a boil and simmered for 50 minutes- and bought myself some time to come up with a plan. In the end I decided on what we will call The Early Thanksgiving Guilt Trip. Every year I get royally screwed because the Boy’s Christmas Party is on that most holy of American holidays (I never cease reminding him of this so-called coincidence). This usually entails me hanging out at home waiting for him to come home thinking we will have a late night turkey dinner. The reality is that he comes home late (to his partial defence he does have to mingle with clients at this thing) usually a few sheets to the wind and sick as a dog because he has eaten an egg roll or something that wasn’t supposed to have prawns (which he is allergic to).

Back to dinner. This is where I give you my kind of recipe. To go with my kind of American theme, I diced up half an onion and sautéed it in olive oil with an added knob of butter. I then threw in two handfuls of roughly chopped pecans and let them warm through. I added two handfuls of dried cranberries followed by a couple of scoops of rice and sautéed it a few minutes more. Simple and tasty. Even The Boy ate it.

One final word on wild rice- that 250g bag of wild rice is a lot of rice. The manufacturers say that the cooked rice can be frozen; most of it is now in my minuscule freezer and I will report back on how the frozen rice fares.

Tonight is the Tuna Steak Standoff. Report to follow.

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