Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Yauatcha macaroons. Crunchy little morsels of delight. Usually macaroons come in standard (but still delicious) flavours like vanilla, chocolate, coffee and pistachio but Yauatcha takes this classic French treat and gives it an Asian twist. Flavours like vanilla sesame, matcha kalamanzi, kumquat, lychee raspberry, lemon cashew and coffee chocolate (pictured left to right) not pictured are chocolate jasmine and coconut pistachio. Yes, Yauatcha has been open a few years now however, I still can't get enough of the place.
I love going for a meal but when I can't be bothered to reserve a table or don't want a time limit set on my meal, I pick up some macaroons to dish up for dessert. The packaging adds an extra touch making it feel like you're opening a present. These will always go down a treat- they don't come cheap (0.80p each) but they are worth it.


cin said...

how do these compare with Pierre Herme?

btw, LOVE the title of this post

Xochitl said...

I have not been to Pierre Herme but I have to thank you because I now have somewhere new to check out the next time I am in Paris. Everything on his site looks amazing. Watch this space!

Nice blog by the way!