Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another summer salad

Food blogging can be tough in the scorching heat. Apart from not having an appetite, it's unbearably hot in the kitchen so I tend to favour meals that I can prepare most of the ingredients in the living room where I can place myself in the direction of the air conditioner and minimise my time in the kitchen.

Inspired by a dish I had in Barcelona recently, I've created what, for me, has become the salad of the summer. It's one I can't get enough of at the moment. I've created it as sort of a un-recipe- it's one where the quantites can be amended to suit your own taste and number of servings. Try it with different leaves- I had Baby Gem lettuce the first time I made this but it also works with Rocket.

Goat's Cheese and Membrillo Salad
Serves 1


50g mild goat's cheese, diced or crumbled
30g membrillo (quince paste), diced
1-2 Baby Gem lettuce, washed and chopped
handful of salted almonds, if available use Marcona almonds

olive oil and sherry vinegar

Place the lettuce on a plate and sprinkle the membrillo and goat's cheese on top. Drizzle with olive oil and sherry vinegar. Top with the almonds.


CB said...

Sounds utterly delicious and the kind of recipe one can rustle up in an instant. Can't wait to try it.

Pille said...

I saw this over at Andrew's blog, and it looks really delicious. Good way to use membrillo as well!

Xochitl said...

Hi Pille!

How are you? It's a great way to use up membrillo- I always buy way too much.


zorra said...

Good idea! I will try this one!