Monday, December 11, 2006

Menu for Hope III

For the third year running, food bloggers from every corner of the world are uniting to fight hunger. This year's worthy cause is the United Nations World Food Programme. So many of us are fortunate to be able to eat what we want, when we want. We have access to the freshest, tastiest and most luxurious ingredients for nearly any dish we crave. Sadly, there are too many people in the world that aren't as lucky.

Fortunately food bloggers aren't doing the chugger (charity mugger) thing and accosting you on the street and following you around until you drop some change in the bucket, instead we are tugging at the heartstrings by auctioning off prizes donated by loads of food bloggers- some you'll know and some you may not. Prizes vary from meals out at some of the best restaurants to personalised city tours to tasty homemade treats.

To donate and get your chance to win a prize, here's what you've got to do:

1. Go to Chez Pim for the prize round up and all the nitty gritty on bidding. You can bid for something from your region or if you fancy something exotic, you can go for something from further afield- the donating bloggers have agreed to ship anywhere (unless specified otherwise or if Customs has a problem with it).

2. Make your donation of at least $10 at

Pim will announce the results on January 15th.

Last year over $17,000 was raised, please help to beat that amount. I plan on be donating my fair share...once I can decide what I want to bid on!


Anonymous said...

Hello & Happy New Year from down under in New Zealand. I hope you have a good year. All the very best.

Xochitl said...

Happy New Year to you Kelvin!