Tuesday, April 18, 2006

EBBP4 - Italian Delights

You have probably guessed that I like food already. But I also like presents and I like getting post. Combine all that and you get EBBP4 (Euro Blogging By Post). It happens every couple of months - I'm guessing it does as this was my first time taking part- and is "hosted" by someone different each time. This time, the gracious host was Andrew from SpittoonExtra (Check out his blog here.) Andrew had the task of organising myself and 24 other bloggers in an exchange of food filled pressies. How cool is that!

My package went to Cindy of Cindy's Kitchen in Montpellier. I hope she enjoys what I sent and can make some treats from it. While I was sad that my package hadn't arrived before I went on holiday. I have to admit though that it was great to get something happy in the post instead of the usual bills that remind you how much you spent on holiday!

Imagine my joy when a box from Italy appeared. I tore into that box quicker than you can say risotto milanese. I'm happy to report that Chiara from La Cuoca Petulante (oh how I wish I spoke Italian! But check out the site for pretty photography) sent a box filled with (mainly) Italian delights. Inside there was:

1. Lemons and Rosemary - From Chiara's garden on Lake Maggiore near Milan
2. Gianduitti - Creamy chocolate and hazelnut paste candies from Turin. I usually find these too sweet but these are lovely and creamy and not too sugary sweet.
3. Sundried Tomatoes - Homemade. Lovely. I think I may use Chiara's suggestion to put them in a jar with capers, garlic and olive oil for a week and then eat it with bread.
4. Salted Capers - A nice little jar from Pantelleria (a small island near Sicily).
5. Anchovies in hot sauce - One of her favourites; she eats them with bread or in a tomato sauce.
6. Carnaroli Rice - For risotto. Yum.
7. Honey from Provenza
8. Pickled Ginger - She enjoys Japanese food and makes her own pickled ginger. It has a nice fresh taste and is not too sweet.
9. A small notepad - For writing my recipes in.

I have gently calmed myself to sleep the last couple of days with thoughts of the tasty dishes I could make with my ingredients. Should I use the lemon and rosemary with roasted and crushed potatoes? Or in a simple pasta with some of the capers and a bit of Parmigiano? Do I use the tomatoes in a salad or on bruschetta? How about the anchovies- in a spicy arrabiatta sauce? What about the honey? One thing I do know. The Gianduitti won't be around much longer!


petula said...

I'm so happy that my package arrived without problems!!
Happy cooking!

Cindy said...

Sure I enjoyed your parcel. I've already eatne all the chocolate biscuits. I'll post about it soon, waiting to make a victoria sponge cake with the lemon curd :)

Xochitl said...

Hi Cindy,

Yum. A Victoria Sponge seems the perfect idea for the lemon curd. Glad you liked the biscuits- I love those.

Hi Chiara,

I'm planning on making a warming and comforting risotto this weekend.