Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Xochitl in a bag

On my last trip home, whilst wandering around Cost Plus wondering how much wicker can one store have, there was a display that caught my eye. Oh yes, I saw XOCHITL tortilla chips. After a lifetime of having the oddest name around, how could I not buy my name in print! Four bucks, a two hour drive to LA and a 10 hour flight later, my chips were home. It took a lot of arguing to convince The Boy that this large bag had to come with me in his carry on luggage but it was worth it.

I made my own salsa to enjoy with my Me chips- homemade salsa is easy to do and tastes miles better than the gloopy jar kind. I was a bit skeptical for some reason but was pleasantly surprised because they tasted like proper Mexican restaurant tortilla chips but just a tad thinner. I totally recommend them.

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